Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

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This course provides training for basic, intermediate, and advanced features of Microsoft Office?PowerPoint 2010 software. PowerPoint 2010 is a visual and graphical application, primarily used for creating presentations. With PowerPoint, users?can create, view, and present slide shows that combine text, shapes, pictures, graphs, animation, charts, videos, and much more.

Module 1: Instructor Introduction
1.1 PowerPoint Overview
1.2 Course Outline
1.3 Introducing the Power Point 2010 Interface
1.4 PowerPoint Window Components
1.5 Working in the PowerPoint Views
1.6 Customizing The Interface
1.7 Keyboard Shortcuts
1.8 Section Review
Module 2: Beginning a Presentation
2.1 Navigating a Presentation and Editing Slide Text
2.2 Saving Presentations and Converting to 2010 Format
2.3 Managing Versions and Running a Slideshow
2.4 Keyboard Shortcuts
2.5 Section Review
Module 3: Beginning a New Presentation
3.1 Creating New Presentations
3.2 Adding Slides
3.3 Importing Slides and Modifying the Slide Layout
3.4 Dividing Presentations into Sections
3.5 Selecting, Moving, Copying and Pasting Text
3.6 Keyboard Shortcuts
3.4 Section Review
Module 4: Formatting Text
4.1 Applying Character Formats
4.2 Using Text Styles
4.3 Formatting Text Paragraphs and Text Placeholders
4.4 Keyboard Shortcuts
4.5 Section Review
Module 5: Preparing to Deliver a Presentation
5.1 Spell Check and Auto Correct
5.2 Research and Thesaurus
5.3 Transitions
5.4 Speaker Notes, Sending Presentation and Printing Presentations
5.5 Keyboard Shortcuts
5.6 Section Review
Module 6: Working with Tables and Charts
6.1 Creating a Table and Entering Data
6.2 Navigating in Tables and Linking & Embedding Tables
6.3 Inserting Charts
6.4 Formatting the Chart Layout
6.5 Section Review
Module 7: Using Multimedia in PowerPoint Presentation
7.1 Adding Pictures and Formatting Pictures
7.2 Insert and Edit Photo Albums
7.3 Clip Art
7.4 Inserting Movies and Sound Clips and Inserting Screenshots
7.5 Keyboard Shortcuts
7.6 Section Review
Module 8: Working with Auto shapes
8.1 Drawing Basics, Shapes, Word Art and Text Boxes
8.2 Smart Art
8.3 Section Review
Module 9: Managing PowerPoint Masters
9.1 Viewing, Creating, Applying and Modifying Masters and Layouts
9.2 Headers, Footers and Formatting Bullets
9.3 Modify Notes and Handouts Master and Saving a Custom design
9.4 Section Review
Module 10: Special Effects Through Animation
10.1 Working with Animations
10.2 The Animation Painter
10.3 Section Review
Module 11: Delivering a Presentation
11.1 Delivering a Slide Show and Annotation
11.2 Customizing a Slide Show
11.3 Working with Narrations and Slide Timing
11.4 Action Buttons
11.5 Keyboard shortcuts
11.6 Section Review
Module 12: Collaborating in PowerPoint
12.1 Comments and Saving to the Web
12.2 Broadcasting Slideshows and Slide Libraries
12.3 Sharing a Presentation and Comparing and Merging Changes
12.4 Section Review
Module 13: Securing and Distributing the Presentation
13.1 Security and Distribution
13.2 Section Review
13.3 Course Review


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